Commemoration Day - Antonio Machado

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Retreat the day of commemoration in memory of Antonio Machado Sunday, February 24 at the Cultural Center.

  • Sunday, February 24
- 9:00: Coffee reception
- 9h30: Beginning of the day with speeches from the various representatives
- 10:00: Screening of Georges Figueres's film
- 10h05: Conference of Jacques Issorel "Twelve good men, there are, in the buen sentido of the palabra, bueno" and Antonina Rodrigo "Twelve French and Spanish women who have kept alive the memory of Antonio Machado".

10:25: Conference of Verónica Sieraa Blas "The archives of the Foundation"
11.15 am: Reading of a poem by a member of the jury
11:25: College students' price
11:40: High school students' price
11:55: Reading of a poem "Collioure ... BLeues days of Antonio Machado"

12:00 pm: International Prize
12h25:Departure for the cemetery
3 pm: Show "the voice of exile" by Susana Azquinezer - France Culture Prize 2018


Centre Culturel, Rue Michelet


The 24/02/2019

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