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We are happy to present you this year a new event as part of the Fête de Saint Vincent with surprising and artistic colors !

This year Boîta nails invites itself on the 15th of August to the Collioure festivities by proposing the event "THE SHOW IS IN THE STREET", a street art show where the artistic expression will be released for the happiness of all!

The event will highlight 6 shows selected to make you vibrate, laugh or even think !
You will be transported in poetic scenes , surprising, burlesque or acrobatic . The talented artists will speak with their guts and sincerities to produce a quality show that will delight children as adults!

  • Schedule and location:17h and 18h30 - Church of Our Lady of the Angels
  • Subject: Hair magician, it makes appear hacks!
  • Illustration of the event: photo 1
"The hair trainer and crazy hairdresser" ... waiting for you in a bird cage "life size". You look at him ... he signals you and nothing and no one can stop you from sitting next to him ... He transforms the spectators into traveling works of art. He loves flowers, foliage, feathers, butterflies and takes you to his wonderful world!

  • Schedule and location: 7h pm - Parking Port d'Avall
  • Subject : Circassian show, eclectic, unclassifiable, musical but above all surprising!
  • Illustration of the event: photo 2
A raw scenography, a visual orchestration, a mix of balls where the material vibrates and resonates with electrified soundsNylon vocal cords of a crazy rocker. Enlightened with swift handcuffs and agile slippers go into a trance with the sounds of drumming balls.

  • Schedule and location: 7h30 pm - Admiralty Motorcycle Park (Douy)
  • Subject : a cocktail of loufoquies in the tradition of mute burlesque!
  • Illustration of the event: photo 3
Shrugs of a new kind, they are badly trimmed sluts who perpetuate the tradition of silent Burlesque in their sauce and sometimes succeed, in a moment of grace, not to miss their effects. A tender poetry emerges from the pathetic ambition of these broken arms which, far from the 4G networks, claim their slowness as happy idiots.

  • Schedule and location: 8h15 pm - Admiralty Motorcycle Park (Douy)
  • Subject : Crazy culinary show!
  • Illustration of the event: photo 4
A damsel, fresh out of a pin-up drawing of the 50s is working around the furnaces. She has only one thing in mind, to become perfect by concocting the ultimate recipe. In a jiffy, flour sifts, eggs fight, caramel flames and the recipe turns sour!

  • Schedule and location: 8 pm and 9 pm - Canon Boramar (next to the Petit Café)
  • Subject : A show that takes you into an acrobatic and comic universe filled with absurd situations!
  • Illustration of the event: photo 5
Minimi is a playful and courageous acrobat who disconcerts and fascinates by the agility with which she realizes her acrobatics without ever losing the humor that characterizes her. Roquecycle is a strong and intrepid man whose charisma and talent at the unicycle will lead you into ironic convolutions.

  • Schedule and location : 9:40 pm: From the Place du Maréchal Leclerc to the Port
  • Subject : Ambition of giant and illuminated puppets that distil electro-energetic music and dance!
  • Illustration of the event: photo 6
Attention AMBIANCE!
Five illuminated, radiant puppets with a vertiginous height of more than 4 meters, driven by unreal, senseless, but prodigious artists, guided by a master of ceremonies and his assistant Godo. They fill the streets of Collioure with electro-energetic music and dance! Beautiful synchronized light effects and choreographed movements invite the viewer to the party. We are waiting for you, it's going to fart!



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