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Maison du Fauvisme is now an unmissable destination in Collioure.
The Tourist Office offers everyone the chance to learn more about this cultural, artistic, heritage town.
Due to its strategic and cross-border location, Collioure has known both periods of wealth and growth, as well as periods marked by war and conflict.
It is also renowned for its influence on the biggest artists of the 20th century, and for being the birthplace of Fauvism.

The Maison du Fauvisme offers guided tours of the town via the Chemin du Fauvisme, where visitors can wander through the town, guided by various themes centred around Art and History for individuals and groups

Adeline and Cleo tell the story of the birth of Fauvism in Collioure.
  • Through the guided tour "Chemin du Fauvisme" , walk in the footsteps of Henri Matisse and André Derain . In this open-air museum you will understand how, under this light of the south, these painters made their colors sing. It is at the same time a discovery of the village which will be transformed in the twentieth century of important fishing port in "city of the painters" .

  • The visit Collioure, Through time , retraces the rich history of the city of Collioure. Relive the exceptional destiny that Collioure has known through time. Glory and war, greatness and everyday life through time.

  • The military heritage is a landscape reading of the main fortifications of Collioure ( Fort Saint Elme, strong round, strong square ... ).

  • Maison du Fauvisme is a historical tour of Collioure followed by an exhibition of the museum Collioure commented by the House of Fauvism which takes place every Wednesday from June.

  • Côte Vermeille is a tour in collaboration with the Rigaud Museum of Perpignan on the artists of the Côte Vermeille. Our cultural mediators will offer you a guided tour of some original works exhibited at the Rigaud Museum.

  • Reading the correspondence: a visit that tells the birth of Fauvism through the reading of the letters of Matisse, Derain, and other fawn painters.

  • Our cultural mediators also work with school children to transmit to them the liberating pictorial movement that is fauvism. The children wander through the city studying the works of the Fauvism Path , followed by a pedagogical workshop .Students will paint "in the manner of big cats" or will decipher the paintings in small groups with a treasure hunt.

  • Discover the "shop" space of the Maison du Fauvisme . You will find all the reproductions of the Fauvism Path in different formats, small gift items and a selection of very good references on Fauvism and the Fauvism booklet.

Upcoming program of tours from June to August:
- Fauvism Trail: Monday, Thursday, Saturday at 10am and Tuesday and Friday at 4pm

- Collioure through time: Tuesday and Friday at 10am

- The military legacy: Wednesday 10am

- From the house to the museum: Wednesday at 4 pm

- Vermeille Coast: Thursday at 10am

- Workshops children's drawings: Wednesday at 15h

Guided tours are held all year long

- Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 18:30

- July / August / September: Monday to Saturday 9:30 to 12:30 / 14:00 to 19:00

Guided tours
- The Fauvism Path.
- Collioure through History
- The military heritage
- From the house to the museum
- Vermeille Coast

10, rue de la Prud'homie - 66 190 Collioure

- Normal: 7 €
- Unemployed and heritage pass: 5 €
- Child from 8 to 12 years old: 2 €
- Under 8 years old: free
- Family Pack: 15 €
- Military Heritage 9 €

Take advantage of one of our guides to help you discover Collioure and its artistic and historical riches!

Guided tours (in French, English, Spanish).
Reservation required at the Tourist Office or Maison du Fauvisme
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information: 04 68 82 15 47

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10 Rue De La Prud'Homie

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