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Exhibition "Faces united towards ..." from July 08 to September 24, 2017, 16 Place of 18 June, in front of the Tourist Office of Collioure.
Find the artist Marc Ingrand , on the forecourt of the Church of Collioure , paintings on order or directly on his easel outside the Church. Specialist portraits he will be happy to make yours or that of other people on request.
Marc INGRAND also exhibits his works in different viles of France. Currently, an exhibition at Collioure at 16 Place du 18 juin in Collioure, on the 1st floor of the former town hall: Portraits du Monde . His paintings are inspired by his travels and his meetings and make feel a deep emotion, borrowed from humanity.

"The real voyage of discovery is not to look for new landscapes but to have new eyes." Marcel Proust

This quote reflects the spirit of this artist " unclassifiable»Collioure Its Franco-Vietnamese origins, this miscegenation, as well as an openness and a permanent curiosity lavish this need of diversity, as much in multiple domains (illustration, infographism, comic strip, travel diary, painting, frescoes, music etc.) than in his pictorial research.
His passion for portraiture brings him today to give life to faces of the world , looks that seem to invite us to touch the invisible in us ... A series of graphic paintings that reminds us that we are all part of the same family, the human species!


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