Museum exhibition Only the memory of things by Abel Burger

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Abel Burger has memories for many lifetimes.

Some belong to him, others are borrowed, dreamed, stolen then returned but all respond to each other, like a memory loving another. Of these offered memories, nothing seems really foreign to us.

Because the images that Abel Burger conjure up have the persistence of a dream which, awakened, continues to haunt us, without apparent logic mixing the scattered fragments of a sleeping memory. She borrows as much from cave art as from American expressionists a raw and direct art, a spontaneous trait which keeps reason at bay.

The icons of pop culture, the trance of Jackson Pollock, the expressionism of Bob Thompson, the animals of William Hawkins appear on the web like a furious ocean. And it is in the middle of a storm, finally, that calm arrives.

Today, the oceanic wave is replaced by the slack surface of the Mediterranean Sea.Phoenix, centaur, sphinx form the bestiary of a legendary arch sent to discover the labyrinth of King Minos, the palace of Knossos, the tomb of the diver in Paestum ...

To the chaos of the world, Abel Burger opposes the construction of a great story. Through a work of rare narrative power, she founds a personal mythology in which the battles of the gods never veil the sun and delivers a work that seems to tell us that in the midst of the tumult and the crash, alone count the voices that we whisper to ourselves.

Date and Time : October 9 to January 3, 2022.
Location : Museum of Modern Art
Prices : € 3 / € 2 (reduced price)


Musée D'Art Moderne, Route De Port-Vendres


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