New Years Eve

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A New Year's Eve on the theme of "The funfair"!

Collioure renews with the tradition of the Feast of New Year's Eve and will have its New Year's Eve fireworks on December 31 !

Disguise obliges as is the tradition in Collioure during New Year's Eve, this year, the 31st will be around the world of the funfair !

The festivities of December 31 will be concluded by the traditional fireworks fired at the sound of the twelve strokes of midnight, sounded by the bells of the Church of Our Lady of the Angels.

During the month of December, the streets and the village will not be forgotten, and will benefit from festive and innovative activities. A program will be communicated later.

Furthermore, due to time and work constraints, we will not be able to provide the ""Collioure Couleurs"" show.


Place Du 18 Juin


The 31/12/2021