Procession of the Sanch

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The origin of the Sanch Procession dates back to the 13th century . In Collioure it is the initiative of a great Spanish Dominican preacher Vicens FERRER , known in French under the name of Saint Vincent FERRIER, born in Valence and died in Vannes where he is buried in the cathedral in 1419.
Originally, this event gathered in brotherhoods various trades: fishermen, gardeners, weavers etc ... at a time when Collioure was the port of Perpignan and the second largest city of Roussillon .

Its primary purpose was to revive in an edifying way the Passion of Christ for the sanctification of its members .
The statues carried during the procession are called " Misteri " and each one of them evokes this or that episode of the Passion of the Christ .

To the question why a night processionand why wearing hoods that hide faces?
The answer is that this procession reminds us that formerly when a man was condemned to death, he was executed at night and masked with a hood. He was accompanied by the members of the brotherhood of the Penitents, themselves wearing the same hoods and carrying a bell and preceded by drums.
So that the convict could not be recognized, the bell and the drums were intended to warn people and invite them to return to their homes.

The procession of Collioure is held at dusk like that of Arles sur Tech, Good Friday at 21h . The Regidor, dressed in red, leads the cortege of the Penitents (caparutxes) dressed in a long black dress and a high pointed hood and holds the bell of the condemned to death ... Canticles and religious fervor.

Departure fromChurch of Our Lady of Angels and route in the streets of the city, punctuated by stops in front of the repositories installed by individuals.




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