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The Raid Orientation Cote 66 is organized in Collioure on October 26, 2019.

The Roc66, organized by the orientation club of Perpignan Cote66, offers an exceptional course between sea and mountains. From the bay of Collioure passing by that of Paulilles and the tower of Madeloc, you will take full view !

By team of 2, you will embark on a multi-series of Trail, VTT, Orienteering and Kayak.

Three courses are marked out, to allow all levels to participate in this beautiful multispots race!

- PATUFET: 15 km D + 300m easy technical and a distance of about 15 kms, is a fun way to approach the test for young people over 11 years accompanied by an adult. (limited to 50 teams)
- AXURIT: 30 kmD + 600mcourt and technical, a distance of about 30 kilometers, it allows sportspeople over 15 years to discover the test by having fun. (Limited to 100 teams)
- TRABUYCARES: 60km D + 2000m Technical and very physical, over more than 50 kilometers, it is the test that is for the stiffened seasoned in search of thrills. (Limited to 60 teams)

The teams of each circuit start together (mass start). 3 departures:
- 9:30 departure from Axuritb.
- 10h departure Patufetc.
- 10:30 departure from Trabucayresd.

The finish is judged on the beach of Boramar for all courses.
Team members must stay together for the duration of the event.

Date: Saturday, October 26

Location: Collioure

Rate :
- Raid Trabucayres - € 74 per team (chip loan and lunch included)
- Axurit - 70 € per team (chip loan and lunch included)
- Raid Patufet - 20 € per team of 1 or 2 children + 1 adult or 2 adults (chip loan included)

REGISTRATION: HERE (from September 1st to October 13th)




The 26/10/2019


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