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Scenes chosen and adapted - Molière
From July 22 to July 26, 2019 - Stage for children from 7 years

Content of the internship:
Understand the difference between what Reality is and Fiction.
Keep your freedom to build your character.
Open to various scenic proposals.

Basic tools:
Control your body to better manage the space.
Understand the scene / audience relationship
Know how to breathe to put your voice and to be heard.
Associate the body and the voice.

Build your character:
Listening: partners, text, director.
To improvise to develop your imagination while keeping your spontaneity.

Trainees will work throughout the week around a selection of Molière's scenes.

Internship program: (schedules may vary according to the needs of the internship)

Monday 22 : Arrival of the trainees 9:30 with the parents (information meeting). 10 am beginning of the internship.
Tuesday 23 : 10h00 / 13h00
Wednesday 24 : 10:00 to 13:00
Thursday 25 : 10h00 / 13h00
Friday 26 : 10h00 / 13h00 - 18h00 / 19h00 repetition - 19h00 public presentation of the workshop

Useful information :
The price does not include: transport or food (Apartment with kitchen)
For non-residents, the town of Collioure provides, free of charge, apartments to share in the center of the village.

Information and registration : Eric Sautonie
Telephone: 06 80 23 89 76
Website (internship section):

Cultural Center and Town Hall of Collioure 66190:
Collioure Pyrénées-Orientales
telephone: 04 68 82 05 66


13 Rue Jules Michelet


From 22/07/2019 to 26/07/2019


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