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Collioure, the 'City of Painters' and the birthplace of Fauvism, has been shaped by the many great artists that have passed through its walls, including Henri Matisse, André Derain, Louis Valtat and Etienne Terrus.
This story continues in the Museum of Modern Art,
the brainchild of the Russian artist, Jean Peské. Supported by his contemporaries, the Museum of Modern Art was built in 1934.
In this museum, you can admire works by modern and contemporary artists, including Henri Matisse, Claude Viallat, François Martin, Jean Louis Vila and Jean Capdeville.

The history of the museum:
Jean Peské (1870-1949) was a Russian painter who loved Collioure, especially its small port; in the 1930s, he decided to open a museum.
Although the museum was his idea, it was not a solo project: Peské's artist friends, including Valtat, Espagnat and Brayer, donated their artwork to his museum.
When Jean Peské died, the Association des Amis du Musée arose naturally to preserve Peské's work.
Whilst the Association was successful, the town hall took over the running of the museum, and it became municipal during the 1980s.
The Museum of Modern Art is now located in the Maison Pams - the former villa of the senator Pams.
This dynamic museum continues to organise temporary exhibitions, including a very popular summer exhibition.


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