Between the Royal Castle and Fort Saint Elme

Starting from the Royal Castle, passing through the Hauts de Collioure which offers a magnificent view, to Fort Saint Elme.

Duration: 2h Length: 4 km Elevation: 178m Difficulty: Medium


  • Start the hike from the beach behind the Tourist Office and which leads to the Châteu Royal , cross the bridge and then walk along the Château to the Faubourg district.

  • Turn left and continue along the beach.

  • Go to the Museum of Modern Art and the Cooperative Cave "Le Dominicain" . Take the path on the left to the Mill then take the path to Fort Saint Elme

  • Continue through the Coll de Mala Cara.

  • Take the passage on the right which leads to the Saint Elme square then return to the center of Collioure .

  • Turn right towards Rue du Correc d'en Bausthen go to the seaside. Then go to the Tourist Office by the same path as on the way out.


Collioure, France


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