Office de tourisme de Collioure


Look-out in Collioure

Thanks to its history, Collioure offers you tourist sites with a variety of views each more extraordinary than the last. Whether you're at the Madeloc Tower, the St-Elme Fort, the Cortina mill, the Gloriette, the Green Lighthouse, the Round Fort, the Square Fort, or one of the many others sites unique to our seaside village, you will have a spectacular view over the Bay of Collioure, or over the highlands of the Côte Rocheuse, adorned with vineyards, fruit trees and pine forests. Don't miss it for anything !

The Madeloc Tower

Built in the late 13th century, it formed part of a network of signal towers that surveyed the region. It offers a magnificent panoramic view.

The Round Fort and the Square Fort

Beyond the Miradou Fort, the Square Fort, a powerful fortress, and the Round Fort (Tower of the Star) constitute some of the elements of the defensive system to the north of the city, dominating the hills overlooking the sea.

Fort Saint Elme

Rising up over the fields, Fort Saint Elme offers spectacular views over the sea and mountains. It's an unmissable spot for a walk.

Chapelle St Vincent

Built in 1701 for the arrival of the new relics of Saint Vincent, who according to legend had suffered martyrdom on the rock where the chapel was built.

The Green Lighthouse

Follow the pier behind St Vincent Chapel to arrive at the Green Lighthouse, inaugurated in 1886 and consisting of a wrought iron cap. Here you will find a beautiful view over the bay of Collioure and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Gloriette :

A building of pure Moorish style, you will find the Gloriette of the Pam Gardens on the path leading to the Mill. 20 minutes from Collioure's historic centre, you will be stunned by its magnificent view over the bay of Collioure.