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In the extreme south of France, 26 km from the Spanish border, COLLIOURE, jewel of the rocky coast, enjoys an authentic setting and a protected environment. The small Catalan port is sheltered in a creek where mix the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the rocks of the Pyrenees mountain range. An exceptional climate and sunshine, guaranteed by the Tramontane, make COLLIOURE a unique site where the well-being and Catalan art of living take their source. Several sandy or pebble beaches, coves, crystal clear waters, will allow you to enjoy swimming.

    Collioure has always attracted many artists from all walks of life.

From Antiquity Collioure was an important trading port on the Mediterranean thanks to its geographical position and allowed the exchange of products and commodities. (Phoenicians, Greeks, Etruscans, Romans). The first mention of the castle (castrum) dates from 673 by the occupation of King Wamba (king of the Visigoths) who occupy the city. From 981, the Counts of Roussillon begin to develop and fortify. From the 12th to the 17th century, the city will be alternately annexed to the kingdoms of Aragon, Mallorca and France. The period from 1276 to 1344 is part of a period when trade is flourishing, the kings of Majorca settle in summer residence at the Royal Castle. In the 13th century there are several religious orders. The Knights Templar, The Hospitallers, The Dominicans and maybe the Cistercians.