Office de tourisme de Collioure

Gastronomy & Specialities



Anchovies,Our Symbol

Here you can discover typical Catalan specialties like anchovies, treasure of the sea, prepared in traditional and artisanal style. In fact, over the last few centuries, Collioure has distinguished itself in its preparation of anchovies, even receiving the certification of "Site Remarquable du Goût". A tour of the workshops will reveal the skill and dexterity of the workers in preparing the anchovies and presenting them to you ready to taste.

Today, only two families continue the ancestral tradition of anchovy preparation in the Collioure manner. In fillets with oil, or whole and quickly desalted, the Roque and Desclaux houses will introduce you to incomparable flavours from the famous little blue fish.


Wine, Our Strength of Character

Collioure also owes its reputation to its exceptional wine-making region. The Collioure AOC wines owe their strength and character to the sun-saturated Mediterranean grapes and the gusts of the Tramontane winds that sweep across the wine-growing region. Terraced vineyards, ruffled by the ocean breeze, produce a wine of unique and remarkable aromas. You can visit all the vineyards of Collioure, and try a glass of wine to discover this distinctive taste.

Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah, the main grape varieties of the Collioure red, accord it a great strength with notes of red berry. The grey Grenache grape variety, added to make rosé, creates a stimulating wine with fruity aromas. The white combines white and grey Grenache to make a highly aromatic wine with floral notes.

Banyuls AOC, a lightly fortified wine aged in oak casks, is another specialty produced in the Collioure vineyard. Sweet and velvety, Banyuls offers a surprising aromatic richness.


Catalan Cuisine,Our Identity

As a fishing port, Collioure is a prime site for enjoying fresh fish, grilled shellfish (calamari, king prawns, oysters...) or a gorgeous seafood platter. Fish parillades (barbecues), zarzuela (fish stew) and paella will delight lovers of the ocean flavour. Collioure also includes among its specialties some typical savoury Catalan dishes, such as cargolada (grilled snails), Catalan lamb and, for desert, the famous crème catalane (similar to crème brûlée). The range of dishes available reveals the wealth of Catalan culinary art, and the generosity of Mediterranean gastronomy.

A town of many talents, the culinary and wine-making arts round-off the range of delights that the Collioure village has to offer. Gourmet diners, please note: prepare your taste buds for relishing the best of Catalan cuisine.