"Chemin des douaniers" path

Discover the vermeille coast by exploring the coastal path, you will discover totally preserved coves and fortified towns.
The coastal path going from Racou to Collioure , also called the "customs path" is a must on the hiking trails of Collioure. Located on the edge of the cliff, it overlooks the smugglers path, which is located at the water's edge on the rocky coast.
After Collioure, you can then continue on the coastal path going   to the Spanish border via Port Vendres, Cap Béar, Banyuls, Cerbere.
Sloping passages are to be expected to go to the creeks of Ouille. The arrival on the gravel beach is made by a staircase which has several steps (see photos below). Beyond the beach, the terrain is a little steep at the start and then easier until Collioure.
After the Ouille beach, the stairs leading to the stadium can be dangerous, it is advisable to hold your children by the hand.
Itinerary to Collioure:
  • Facing the sea, walk along the seafront almost to the end of the beach, join the small square between the two houses, then go up to the left on the tarmac. At the top, follow the markers. The route then evolved into a ledge with a series of ascending and descending stairs, then you will pass along a campsite.
  • Walk along Ouille beach, climb the cliff using the stairs. The trail passes below Fort Carré de Collioure. Then turn right uphill to reach the fort car park.
  • By taking the road to Pla de las Fourques, go to the center of Collioure.

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