"EXPLORA" immersive room, at the Royal Castle

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The royal castle of Collioure invites you to discover its brand new immersive room: "EXPLORA The invisible castle. El invisible castell."

An exploration into the invisible spaces of the monument, a pretext for evoking the traces of its history. Immerse yourself in an immersive experience at

Immersive show at the Royal Castle of Collioure


The original immersive animated work ""EXPLORA, Le château invisible. El castell invisible"" will be presented to the public from Sunday June 4, 2023 at the Royal Castle of Collioure.


A real time machine, the EXPLORA show takes you on a journey into the history of the Royal Castle of Collioure.

It is by following a young girl as curious as she is reckless in the bowels of the fort that the most secret and inaccessible corners of the monument come to life on the vault of the room.

In the flickering light of a candle, a graffiti is revealed at the bend of an underground... Further on, a buried object reappears from the ground, freeing as if by magic the memory of those who, over the centuries, built, inhabited and surveyed this castle suspended above the waves.

During the creation process, the directors of the show were inspired by episodes from the story and objects that particularly marked them, intrigued them... They are presented and contextualized in this decryption guide.

This evocation of the evolution of the site through the ages, of its disappeared states and of the underground parts not accessible to the public confronts the external and visible space with the secret monument. It thus makes it possible to offer a new experience of visit , participative and dreamlike , which involves the public.and sends it back to his imagination .

Throughout the exploratory journey, the spectator, following a young girl as curious as she is reckless , encounters traces of the past, its shadows that have become barely perceptible, somewhere in the buildings and in memories. They take shape on the wall, reveal themselves on the plaster, very close. A gaze that fixes, a murmur that crosses. Impossible to escape...


An original creation proposed by:

- Special fairies

- opixido

- id scenes

Useful information

• Duration of the show: 8 minutes.

• Streaming in the immersive room (access via Place d'Armes).

• Price: show included in the price of entry to the monument (€7 full price /

Free for children under 26)

• Hours of operation :


or on 04 68 82 06 43


Quai De L'Amirauté, 66190 Collioure


From 01/01/0001 to 31/05/2024


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