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It was on May 16, 1905 that Matisse arrived in Collioure , he got off the train and left his luggage, his boxes, his colors in the only inn in the village, avenue de la gare at Dame Rosette. Matisse sets out to discover this village, nestled between sea and mountains and thinks of his friend Paul Signac who came in 1888 and painted several canvases .
Collioure is at first glance a mountain of vines worked in steps , dry stone walls , dotted with olive trees and fig trees .
Collioure is a village nestled between a steeple and a castle , prayers and battles, it is the fruit of a thousand-year-old history . It is an intimate connection between the sea and the land, a powerful embrace that has cut the rocks into creeks, into coves where the color moored and swayed on the wood of the Catalan boats. It is this first glance that becomes a founder.
Matisse gradually abandons thepointillism for his emotion. Faced with this creative potential, he invites André Derain to join him. For this man from the north, Collioure is a luminous shock . The two painters share a bond and are in search of a new pictorial world . Together, they indulge their pictorial forebodings. The artists come face to face with Collioure and work intensely in the open air, traveling through the village to capture all the variations, to be as close as possible to the emotion.
Derain wrote to his painter friend Maurice de Vlaminck:
"Fauvism was for us the test of fire ... the colors became cartridges of dynamite . They had to discharge light"
Discover these reproductions in the city center:
  • Works in the Tower of Avall: "The open window" Henri Matisse; "Boats in Collioure" André Derain.
  • Works that are behind the Bell Tower:"The red beach" Henri Matisse; "Drying the sails" André Derain.
  • Works found on Boulevard du Boramar: "Collioure, 1905" Henri Matisse; "Le Faubourg de Collioure" André Derain; "Boats at Collioure" Henri Matisse; "La Sieste" Henri Matisse; "The lighthouse of Collioure" André Derain; "Collioure, 1905" Henri Matisse; 'La Moulade "Henri Matisse;" The Japanese woman at the water's edge "Henri Matisse.
  • Work located at Place de l'Eglise: "Collioure fisherman's boat" André Derain.
  • Works in Rue du Mirador: "Les Toits de Collioure" Henri Matisse; "Collioure, the village and the sea" André Derain.
You have the opportunity to participate in cultural experiences . Find the different themes here .
Or stroll, accompanied by a catalog "Le Fauvisme, la couleur comme absolu" sold at the Maison du Fauvisme and at the Tourist Office.
For more information, find the article on our blog " Collioure, le mag " as well as our page on Le Fauvisme .



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