Hermitage of Our Lady of Consolation

A pleasant place to walk, the Consolation site houses a 15th century chapel which contains an altarpiece and marine votive offerings. It is located on the D86 in Collioure.
Originally, historians believe that there could be a pagan place of worship on this site. Its construction dates from the 17th century. It corresponds to the rise of hermitages. The Colliourencs came on pilgrimage and, in particular, during periods of drought praying for the return of the rain.
After the French Revolution, in 1791, the site was sold to the village notary, Maître Xinxet , who later sold it to a group of eighteen people. The new owners pledged never to sell or divide the hermitage. They even elected administrators called pabordes. He had hermits until the 1950s. Pilgrimages were made on May 1, August 18 and September 8.

  • On leaving the Glacis car park, go down to the roundabout. Continue and get to the front of the Church.Take the path below the railway line, then take Rue de la Galère and continue to the left.
  • Go under the viaduct and continue straight on towards the Oratory of Sainte-Thérèse. Continue to the left, at the level of the bridge.
  • Take the path that leads to Consolation. Continue then take the stairs on the left to reach the hermitage.


Notre Dame De Consolation, D86


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