Madeloc Tower

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Rising 652 meters above sea level, it enjoys an exceptional panorama overlooking the plain and the Roussillon coast. Former signal tower, it was once used to monitor the sea and Spain in order to ward off the slightest attacks.
Behind the Hermitage of Consolation , take the very steep path which rises quickly in the rockery to reach the heights above the Côte Vermeille . Follow the ridge trail to the Taillefer battery , go to the Col de Taillefer . Go to the battery of 500 and continue on the stony path. Turn left then right towards Col de Valloria. Continue to the right and continue to Col de la Serre. On the horizon is the peak with its summit the Tour de la Madeloc . The path climbs into the scrubland and brings you overhanging Port-Vendres, a last effort and your goal is reached, the Madeloc Tower is offered to you.
Accessible on foot, by bike and partly by car.
A little history ...
The tower was built at an altitude of 654 meters in the 13th century. It is part of a vast network of signal towers located in Roussillon . She controlled the coast. In the 18th century, a garrison of soldiers occupied the premises. It is 30 meters high and has 25 meters in circumference. Its walls which are characterized by 2 meters thickness are pierced by several loopholes. Inside there are three vaulted floors as well as a cistern and a fireplace.

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Collioure, France


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