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After Signac , from 1887 and throughout the twentieth century, Collioure attracted many artists: Matisse and Derain in 1905 and, in their wake, Valtat , Manguin Puy d'Espagnat , Camoin , Peské ... (which in 1934 would constitute the collection of the Museum bringing together the works of his artist friends). A little later will come Pignon , Hanicotte , Picasso , Survage , Dufy , Foujita … The imprint of these artists will place Collioure as an artistic city of great importance. Since 1980, installed in the villa Pams, the museum has largely developed its collections both in Art of the XXth century and in Art contemporary. Each year several temporary exhibitions are organized.

Collioure city of painters has seen many great artists who have shaped the history of this city which is at the origin of theFauvism, Henri Matisse, André Derain, Louis Valtat, Etienne Terrus ...

Thus, the Museum of Modern Art is in the continuity of this history. It was created in 1934 at the initiative of Jean Peské (Russian painter) thanks to donations from artists of the time. At certain times of the year, you can find works by modern and contemporary artists, including Henri Matisse, Claude Viallat, Henri Martin, Jean Louis Vila and Jean Capdeville at certain times of the year.

The history of this museum ...
Jean Peské (1870 - 1949), Russian painter in love with the city of Collioure and in particular with its small port, decides in the 1930s to open a museum. If he was the initiator of the opening of the museum, he did not work alone, his artist friends, among others, Valtat, Espagnat and Brayer, donated their works to him.
When Jean Peské died, the association of friends of the museum was naturally created to perpetuate Peské's work.The association then succeeded in having the town hall take over the management of this museum, and the museum then became municipal in the 1980s.

Schedule :
From 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Closed Tuesday from October to May
Closed on January 1, November 1, December 25

Prices :
Full price: 3 €
Reduced price: 2 €
Free up to 12 years old
Guided tour: entrance fee + 5 €
Workshop: entrance fee + € 15 (reservation required)

"Only the memory of things" by Abel Burger, will be exhibited from October 9 to January 3, 2022.Find out more
The Museum of Modern Art is located in the villa of former Senator Pams, the Pams House. It remains active since it offers temporary exhibitions each year, one of which is very popular in the summer.
Information on upcoming exhibitions: click here


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