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This is an in situ installation concept , created by artist Marc-André 2 Figueres.

POINTS 2 VIEW around the bell tower of Collioure is an installation that stages the bell tower of Collioure by means of identical sculptures that have the form of empty frames and to function the development of the bell tower through a route in 12 stops .

This route follows the natural walk along the bay of Collioure and invests the space, not represented in pictorial form but in its reality, which depends closely on the viewpoint of the observer.

Find the 12 frames:
- St. Vincent's Chapel
- The Boramar
- The Pier
- The Port
- The Elm of the Royal Castle
- The Royal Castle Chapel
- The Port of Avall
- The Boutigué
- The Balette
- The museum
- The Glorieta
- The Fort Saint Elme




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