"Sentier du littoral path" from Argelès to Cerbère

The "sentier du littoral path" offers a very beautiful 32 km ride from Argelès-sur-Mer to Cerbère .
You will pass by Racou, Collioure, Port Vendres, Cap Béar, Paulilles and Cerbères ...
You will discover beaches, coves, villages, heritage sites and many scenic landscapes. The coastal path is therefore a very good way to discover the region.

Discover the different stages of this trail:

Stage 1: From Mas Larrieu to Racou: Duration: 1h40 Length: 7 km Difficulty: easy
Stage 2: From Racou to Ouille beach: Duration: 45 min Length: 3 km Difficulty: Easy
Stage 3: Pla de las Fourques trail: Duration: 20 min Length: 1 km Difficulty: Easy
Step 4: The crossing of Collioure: Duration: 45 min Length: 2.8 km Difficulty: Easy
Stage 5: Moorish Trail: Duration: 50 min Length: 2.5 km Difficulty: Easy
Step 6: Crossing of Port-Vendres: Duration:40 min Length: 2.3 km Difficulty: Easy
Step 7: The Redoubt Trail: Duration: 20 min Length: 0.7 km Difficulty: Easy
Step 8: Cap Béar Trail: Duration: 2:35 Length: 6 km Difficulty: Difficult
Step 9: Paulilles Bay: Duration: 30 min Length: 1.4 km Difficulty: Medium
Stage 10: Trail of the Elms: Duration: 40 min Length: 2.3 km Difficulty: Average
Step 11: Crossing Banyuls-sur-mer: Duration: 30 min Length: 2.1 km Difficulty: Easy
Step 12: Marine Reserve Trail (part1): Duration: 1h20 Length: 3.3 km Difficulty: Medium
Step 13: Marine Reserve Trail (part 2): Duration: 35 min Length: 1.3 km Difficulty: Medium
Stage 14: Railway Trail: Duration: 1:25 Length: 3.7 km Difficulty: Easy
Stage 15: Cerberian crossing: Duration: 35 min Length: 1.3 km Difficulty: Average
Step 16: Puig de Cerbère: Duration: 40 min Length: 1.3 km Difficulty: Medium

To reach Cerbère: Make the return by the same route.

Too tired to go home?
Thanks to the General Council bus return to your starting point for only 1 €. ( bus1euro.cd66.fr )
You can also return by train: https://www.oui.sncf/

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