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  • Has an impressive collection
  • Features an impressive collection of Renaissance weapons
  • Offers various tours and activities.

A true heritage treasure , Fort Saint Elme is a monument steeped in an epic history. Symbol of the influence of Northern Catalonia, it is one of the most emblematic sites in the region.

From the top of its terraces, Fort Saint Elme offers an exceptional 360° panorama , which embraces the Mediterranean from the Spanish border to Sète (about 150km)! Photographers and lovers of the great outdoors will spend between sky, land and sea a unique moment far from the tumults of everyday life.

In the Musée-Arsenal, visitors and history buffs alike will discover an impressive collection of Renaissance armour, helmets, halberds, cannons, but also of Ottoman weapons used by the Turkish sailors who ravaged the Spanish and Catalan coasts.

A wide choice of thematic visits and activities are offered to meet all expectations: Visits for the youngest, visits for adults, night visits , but also morning visits to accompany the sunrise or even product tasting visits. soils of the region. Some dine and dance there, others get married there. Still others will venture underground or climb to the top of the tower. Thrills guaranteed.

One thing is certain, visiting Fort Saint Elme is the certainty with guides and passionate and committed team members in the service of Heritage "to discover history in a different way and to experience real emotions!"

Pedestrian access (about 40 minutes)

Reach the Museum of Modern Art, take the stairs, cross the Parc Pams to "La Gloriette" (square building), former smoking room of Senator Pams, then reach the Moulin. Behind it take the path and continue to Fort Saint-Elme. A visit is essential... From there, possibility to reach the Hermitage of Consolation or Port Vendres.
You can reach the Fort with the Little Tourist Train (departure from the town hall square) or by car via Port-Vendres.

A bit of history... Who holds Fort Saint Elme holds the whole province...
In the 14th century, in place of the current fort, there was a watchtower called "la Torre de la Guardia". In the following century, it saw its name change in honor of Saint Elmo, patron saint of navigators, testimony to the maritime importance of Collioure.

From the 16th century the three greatest military architects in history worked on Fort Saint Elme.Ramiro Lopez, the Catalan who after having built the fortress of Salses devoted himself to Collioure and the first defenses of the Fort. In the 16th century, Benedetto of Ravenna, the Italian, imagined a 5-pointed star construction. Then in the XVIIth Vauban which will improve the defensive system as a whole.

With walls over 25 meters high and over 10 meters thick, wide battlements, deadlocks, machicolations and other loopholes, the building will heroically resist the fury of French artillery during the Revolution.

The Fort was demilitarized in 1913.
Occupied by the German Navy during the Second World War, it was badly damaged when they left in August 1944.
Since 1926, Fort Saint Elme has been a permanent construction site in order to preserve it from the ravages of time and bad weather. It is run by a team that has managed to preserve the authenticity of the site.
Opening period:
From 10/02 to 31/03: 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
From 01/04 to 30/09: 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.
From 01/10 to 31/10: 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
(Last entries 45 minutes before closing)
Individual tours all day
Guided tours - 11 a.m. / 3 p.m. / 4.30 p.m. from April to September
Possibility of lunch on site. Tables available.

Dogs on a leash are accepted outside (Fossés Vauban), but prohibited in the Musée-Arsenal.

Self-guided tour rates : Internet reservation recommended
(Free visit help brochure)
Adults: 8€
Heritage pass: €7
RSA, job seekers: €5
(map presentation)
6-18 years old & student: 5€
Under 6 years old: Free
- Operation "Little Knights":Costume loan for children (if regulations permit) and fun historical puzzles to solve.
Individual disabled: Free
Accompanying person: 6€

Guided tour rate "not like the others": For those who want to know more
Discovery Guided Tour (Exterior, Museum-Arsenal & Terrace):
Adults: 10€
Heritage pass: €8
RSA, job seekers: €5
(map presentation)
6-18 years old & student: 5€
Under 6 years old: Free
Individual disabled: Free
Accompanying person: 6€

Prestige visit price: To do with friends, it's better
Tasting guided tour (in addition to tasting of the 5 Banyuls of Fort Saint Elme): €15/adults, children €5 (10 people minimum) – Reservation required
La Totale or nocturnal guided tour (Exterior, Museum-Arsenal, Terrace, underground & Tower) with joyful snack accompanied by local products and tasting of our 5 Banyuls: €30 adults / €15 children - Reservation required – every Thursday from July to September

Adult group visit rate:
With or without a guide an interactive visit with the participants
Adults: 8€
Heritage Pass: €6
RSA, job seekers: €5
(map presentation)
6-18 years old: 5€

School group visit and young people inquire

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