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1 accompanying person maximum per child
The meeting point for the visit is at the M aison du Fauvisme (10 Rue de la Prud Homie, 66190 Collioure)

Facing the bay of Collioure, the cultural mediators of the Maison du Fauvisme offer artistic workshops for children from 4 years old around different techniques. A great way to arouse your artistic curiosity while practicing.
Three workshops will be offered to you during the holidays:
High Color ! Spring
""Each season has its color! Green, pink, blue: autumn is synonymous with bright colors.Children will be invited for this workshop to paint cold colors and create a spring landscape. "
The fawn portrait
""A green mouth, a purple nose, a blue eyebrow: like the fawn painters, reinterpret the color codes in the creation of a portrait or a self-portrait. "
Gouache-cut paper workshop
Experiment with one of Henri Matisse's creative techniques: Cutting, Glue, Raconte!
The workshops are supervised by our cultural mediators and can take place outside in front of the bay of Collioure or inside depending on the weather. The child must be accompanied by an adult.
To go further, discover our blog article:"L'atelier des petits fauves, the workshop which frees creativity!"
Places are limited, remember to book.
Sanitary protocol:
All arrangements are in place to welcome you in complete safety, discover the health protocol of the Maison du Fauvisme
Workshop specifications :
- Meeting place: house of fauvism
- Price: 5 €
- Online reservation above or by phone: 04 68 82 15 47
- 1 accompanying person only per child
- Duration: 1 hour
Date and times:
In October and November:
- Wednesday 10/27 at 3:30 p.m. (duration 1 hour)
- Thursday 28/10 at 11 am (duration 1 hour)
- Wednesday 3/11 at 3.30 p.m. (duration 1 hour)
- Thursday 4/11 at 11 a.m. (duration 1 hour)
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Maison Du Fauvisme, 10 Rue De La Prud Homie

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